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About Us | What is Karaoke
The Ocean Entertainment Story

Ocean Entertainment Sdn Bhd was established in the year of 1999 as a subsidiary for the mother company, Ocean Pictures Sdn Bhd. At the beginning of the years, Ocean Entertainment Sdn Bhd started to operate business as a VCD distributor and VHS MTV Karaoke for the record companies, label such as Universal (Formerly known as PolyGram Record),Rock record, EMI, Sony Music and others.

For the continually years, Ocean Entertainment Sdn Bhd has expanded the corporate business into family KTV network e-BOX Karaoke. Today, Ocean Entertainment Sdn Bhd has 3 branches which located in Endah Parade, Sri Petaling Quality Hotel City Centre, Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh Garden Plaza, Ipoh with room capacity in a range between 38 rooms and 55 rooms.

e-Box karaoke Family KTV

1.0 Company Background

E-BOX Karaoke Family KTV is a Family KTV brand fully owned by Ocean Entertainment Sdn Bhd. E-BOX Karaoke started their business in Malaysia at the year of 2003. Presently, e-BOX Karaoke has 3 branches which operated in Endah Parade, Sri Petaling, Ipoh Garden Plaza, Ipoh and Quality Hotel City Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

2.0 Vision

Our vision at e-BOX Karaoke is to be the first leader in our chosen markets by providing extraordinary customer service and meeting or exceeding our customers¡¯ expectations 100% of the time. We expect to achieve the status as the biggest family KTV Karaoke in Malaysia through e-BOX Franchise System. We shall be the best in the industry by being easy to do business with, while supplying the highest quality products and service on time and in the most cost-effective manner.

3.0 Mission

E-Box Karaoke emphasized on All Well Management (AWM). We offer economic pricing yet the public can still enjoy nice environment and can sing at a very pleasant condition. It is dedicated to provide products and services of such quality that our customer will receive superior value while our employees and business partners will share in our success.

4.0 Concept

Our target market focused on all races, all ages and the low and average income community. The purpose of closed bar concept was not to reveal the alcohol and beer appearance to the Muslim. Our employees were also instructed not to serve Muslim with any alcohol drink. The alcohol warning notices was also been placed around KTV area. The concept without GRO is the mandatory in e-BOX Karaoke.

5.0 Safety and hygienic

The corridors and walkway are brightly light and equipped with CCTV. In order to assure the customers¡¯ safety, all outlets are equipped with fire extinguisher, fire hydrant and exit doors. Our employees are well trained to assist customers in any emergency incident. All areas, equipment, furniture and electrical appliances are cleansed with certified chemical disinfectant.

6.0 Our e-Principles

  • Visitors with school uniform and below 18 years old are prohibited to use e-Box KTV rooms.
  • Muslim customers are not allowed to purchase or bring their own alcohol drink inside e-Box KTV rooms.
  • E-Box KTV will report to the authority immediately if our employees discover any activity of drug abuse occurring in Karaoke.
  • Every customer of e-Box karaoke is advocate to have an e-Box member card where information such as full name, address, identity card number and phone number will be record down every time when they visit e-Box Karaoke.

7.0 Our e-Box Member card

E-Box member card has launched in the year of 2004, every member card holders entitled for the following privileges:

  1. 5% discount for all room package except head charge and room charge
  2. 10% discount for all side order except cigarette
  3. Free cake on member¡¯s birthday

E-Box member card is free for lifetime and without renewal fee. After paying registration fee of RM10 only and the members could enjoy the privileges and discounts immediately. Comparing to others, e-box member card is superior value for customer to sign in. More privileges! More Discounts! Till now, our members are more than 3000 members and keep growing continuously.

What is Karaoke?

Nowadays, karaoke seems more than just another form of entertainment. Karaoke offers
ordinary people the chance to shine-talent is not very important! The main point is anyone who can read lyrics from video lyrics from a video screen can do karaoke. Karaoke bars have become very famous in many countries around the world, not just Japan,as have karaoke restaurants with songs often available in different languages.

Word of karaoke

The word karaoke is a hybrid of the Japanese ¡°karappo okusaturo¡± or ¡°empty orchestra¡¯. Usually, a song consists of both backing music and vocals, however karaoke music has this separated into two tracks.

The History of Karaoke

This thoroughly enjoy form of entertainment is actually quite young, with first report of it steaming from Japan in the 1970s. The legend is, that a snack bar in Kobe began to play music and have people sing along after their regular entertainer failed to turn up for a performance. The owner happened to have recorded tracks of the strolling guitarist¡¯s music, and put them on for the patrons to sing along to.

In Taiwan and China, Karaoke Box establishments are often known as KTV and are a popular form of entertainment. ¡±KTV¡± is an abbreviation for karaoke television, derived as a reference to ¡°MTV¡±.
The name varies across countries:

  • KTV in Taiwan
  • Videoke in the Philippines
  • Karaoke Box in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore
  • Noraebang in South Korea. "Noraebang" literally means "song (norae) room (bang)".
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